Thursday, October 20, 2011

Third Trimester!

So things are plugging along here! I can't believe I am in the home stretch now, and only have just over 11 weeks until my due date. It seems SO short! Maybe even less if my feeling is right and I have the baby in December. But I am not holding my breath for that.
The past few days baby has been kicking alot. I don't know if he is just having more awake time, or what, but he hasn't been this active this many days in a row ever. But I will take it. He will probably quiet down once he goes through another growth spurt.
DH and I are taking a child birth class at our hospital on Saturday. Should be fun. DH has been able to be as involved in the whole process, just because men really can't experience it in the same way. But I know he is going to love this baby SO much when he gets here. He keeps telling me how excited he is to have OUR baby that we can hold and cuddle as much as we want instead of having to give the baby back to it's parents. I know he is going to be an awesome dad. He LOVES kids, and is such a great help to me now, I know that will continue when baby gets here.
My showers are coming up, at the beginning of the month and I am excited! I loved my bridal showers when we got married, lots of friends and family around...and okay the gifts are nice too. LOL.
Doing okay with blood sugar stuff. Trying to make little changes that hopefully will have an impact. They have been a little higher this week, so I am just praying they level out. I really don't want to get on insulin this pregnancy.
I am hoping this trimester goes quickly with the holiday's. I am hoping DH sticks to his promise and we get to see Breaking Dawn on Thanksgiving day. :) I am looking forward to that. We have started trying to make it a tradition because there is a really nice theater by DH's family.
Anyhow, that's about it! Thank you for all the people that have supported me and prayed for me on this journey. I have felt those prayers and am so grateful for them.
P.S. Do any of my readers have a suggestion for a good breast feeding book? I wanted to take a class but I doubt I will get to it. Something good for me and/or DH? Thanks!

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