Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's free for everyone else...

but not me! That is how I am starting to feel about having a baby. So before I dive into all that, I'll just talk about my surgery first.
My surgery went well. I was really pretty nervous the morning of the surgery. They took me into a room and had me put on this really comfy gown! I was surprised that it was pretty modest. And easy to put on. Then they took me into the prep room, and gave me Oxycontin, just one pill, and something else, I can't remember. Started the IV (ouch!) my first one ever, but honestly wasn't as bad as I thought. After about 5 minutes I didn't even remember it was there. They pumped me full of antibiotics, and then just did the normal take BP, Temp, etc. Then at the special request of my Dr he had me put on some compression hose, to prevent blood clots. They weren't too bad. At this point we were just waiting for my Dr to get there. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me and he was really nice. I told him I was nervous but he made me feel better. I was literally sweating at this point though, just being nervous. Then it was time, said good bye to Nate, and was wheeled into the surgery room. Had me slide over to the special table, my Dr came in and held my hand while they put me to sleep. I was out within a few seconds. Then I was waking up...apparently I was telling Nate about being on a TV show in my dream...King of Queens...weird. It was so hard to wake up. I just wanted to cry because I felt SO tired! The kept telling me to wake up, and I just kept saying I'm tired! I want to sleep. But surprisingly we were home by around 12:30. Slept mostly the next couple of days, and then started to feel like I was coming out of the haze. Today is 1 week later, and I feel almost completely back to normal...its like it almost didn't happen.
So I had a Lapraoscopy, a D&C, a procedure called and HSG where they shoot dye in you to make sure your tubes are open, and had a polyp removed. The Dr said it all went good, and everything looks normal now, but I that's all I really know about what he found. He gave us a copy of the pictures, so I'm sure he will review them when I have my post op next week.
But seriously, this surgery is costing us 1800 dollars, and that's only for the hospital portion. The Anithesioligist will bill us separately and so will the Dr. Grrrr. So this is where it's free for everyone else, but is costing us SO much money! And that just adds to how hard infertility is!!! I looked up how much the next drugs I will be put on (most likely) and they start out not to bad, up to freak how can we afford this! Not to mention having to be more monitored by my Dr, so copays and anything not covered gets billed to us. And then its not even a guarantee!!!! Argh. Its all just so annoying, and I wish we had more money, and yeah. I'm glad we are doing what we can to make this happen. I feel like I have to for my peace of mind. But sometimes I just think...REALLY? I guess I should feel blessed to have an insurance that covers infertility at all...in reality Nate getting this job feels like it was supposed to happen. I just wish he could get a raise/promotion soon!
Anyways, that is what's new! And so yeah! Now just a countdown to my post op when my Dr says we will "sit down and come up with the GRAND MASTER PLAN." LOL...My dr is awesome... :)

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