Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Am I still on Earth?

BCP, TTC, LAP, MET, BFP, BFN, IUI, IVF, MC, PCOS, BD...and the list goes on. If someone would have told me when I graduated from High School that I would be able to just look at that list and know what each of them meant, I would have laughed....hard. But I do know what these mean. I feel like I have been transported to another planet that I never knew existed. And many, many, many, people don't even know exists!
Trying to have a baby is the hardest thing I have ever faced. Yes, even losing my Mom at a very young age and growing up in a house full of boys. I sometimes wonder why I was chosen to have this trial. Why I have been given such a hard thing to deal with in my life. I just have to assume that God wants me to do something with it. I'm still looking for exactly what it is He wants me to do...but I feel I get closer a little at a time....

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