Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Activate: Hibernation Mode

MOTHER'S DAY....the dreaded holiday, that I have dreaded since even before TTC...man has this day ALWAYS been hard for me. Losing my Mom when I was but a tiny 4 year old girl, I remember in classes they would always do projects for Mom's. I would sit there and watch the other girls talk about how there mom's were going to love their gifts. And at church I would witness all the Mommy-worshipping....it has always been a hard day for me.
More and more this holiday reminds more and more of what I don't have in my life. A Mom to run to, when DH is being dumb....or to help me go through all these hard things with trying to get pregnant. My arms are empty of my own baby...
Yeah, its a hard holiday. I am not saying that Mom's don't deserve recognition. They do. Sometimes I think we forget the meaning of Church at times though. Even other day's then Mother's and Father's day. We are there to worship the Savior, and sometimes that gets lost a long the way.
It sounds like we will be spending Mother's Day with DH's family (enter eye roll here...I mean big grin!) It won't be that bad. I just want to hide out in my room that holiday though. I don't want the sympathy pats and hugs, and the sympathy "gift" on the way out of church, which usually ends up in the garbage.

*Sigh* I just miss my mom...and my baby.....

Happy NOT Mother's Day.


  1. I can empathize in the sense that I hated Mother's Day at church too... I loved the way you put it as the 'sympathy gift on the way out of church' because that's what it feels like! I don't think I ever made it to church on Mother's Day those years we were trying. :P I can't imagine what it would be like to be going through what you are without your mom... my heart goes out to you. In my prayers always, Jaimee :)

  2. I am so sorry about your mom :(. Thank you so much for coming by my blog today, I have never tried the South Beach diet. Hmmm. By the way have you changed your picture? I think it looks great!

  3. I've been thinking about you this whole week knowing it's not going to be easy for you! I know you have been through alot and my heart aches for you. Just remember you are a daughter of God and you can turn to him in any situation. Hugs to you!

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