Friday, October 29, 2010

Take that PCOS!!!

So. Here it is. I am no longer on break. Technically haven't been since earlier this month. I had a Dr's appointment today to get my prescriptions to start trying again next cycle. YAY! Good News: I Ovulated on my OWN!!!!!! Huge for me! Bad News: We weren't trying hard enough. So there really is no way its this month. BUT. Good News: I have really high optimism that I will respond well to the drugs, and will hopefully be pregnant soon. Prayers, thoughts, anything really is appreciated!!
I am also still cyst free which is GREAT. I was worried that I wouldn't be. So. All in all, it was a very encouraging visit. Have 2 weeks to wait for my next cycle, and then we are in the race again! :D
40 pounds lost so far, and it seems it has REALLY helped my body. So what will ANOTHER 40 pounds do??? I am intrigued!! (Unless of course I get pregnant before then!)


  1. HOPING HOPING HOPING!!! Sounds like things are looking promising! I will keep you in my prayers!