Monday, February 21, 2011

WOW! Its me.

Well, I am finally blogging after quite a break. There really isn't much to report on the TTC front. I had my annual exam with my OB. He took a look at my ovaries and sadly they are poly cystic again. He said they aren't as bad as last time, but he is concerned. I have to talk to my Endo tomorrow at my appointment about bumping up my Metformin. I am totally fine with that, it seems like really, really gradual works for me, so I probably will be bumping it up this week.
We also discussed me rotating birth control. My Dr was really happy about that suggestion. When I went on one month last year, then off I ended up ovulating. So the hope is maybe it will help me get pg all on my own. But at least maybe help my cycles normalize somewhat.
As far as FUN news, we are headed off to Disneyland in just a little over a month. I am so super excited, but now it seems time has slowed WAY down. So life moves on. I really hope to get pg again sometime this year...but at this point I am not sure when we will be trying the more intense treatments again. We shall see after a few more months.
Anyways, just checking in! Pretty boring update, but thanks for reading if you did! :)


  1. I had my metformin bumped up to 2000 mg instead of 1000 mg by my doctor a couple of years ago. It helped with my PCOS symptoms. Unfortunately, that amount is a lot and hard to keep all down. I think it took me three months to get up to the dose. Good luck and have fun at Disneyland!

  2. have fun at Disneyland what a nice break. Seems you are staying positive...thanks for giving me hope and reminding me to stay positive!!! :)