Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Halfway There!!!

20 Weeks yesterday, and if it feels like a HUGE milestone to me! In some way I really thought things would be different, that I would look more pregnant, and that I would be feeling the baby kick hard by now, but that is not the way things are! I do look more pregnant, and last night was the first night I really believe I felt my little boy kicking me hard enough to tell! It was a very sweet moment for me. I sat there in amazement for a few minutes.
I still can't believe in so many ways that this is happening to us! I feel so incredibly blessed and just cannot believe that I will be a mommy next year! Still have 2 more weeks to wait until we get our in depth scan. Some people have said they are questioning from my ultrasound picture that it's a boy. But in my heart I know he is a he!
Anyhow, other then that not much going on around here. I have been sewing things like a maniac which helps pass the time, and get's me some cute stuff to use! Next month we will be buying the crib!! I already have all the bedding except for the bumper, which I am going to be using the breathable ones. Oh and we are doing a Safari theme. I can't wait to put it all together, I will be sure to post pictures once it is done!


  1. Looking great! If it helps, I feel like the second half went quicker than the first half (which is the opposite of what people said would happen). Don't get me wrong, it still is taking forever for my little girl to come, but time is going slightly faster (and there is less anxiety). :)

    Love to see these posts from you. LOVE that you are finally getting your miracle.

  2. You look fantastic! Half way there is a huge accomplishment. Can't wait to hear if you're still having a boy.