Thursday, September 15, 2011

23 weeks!

Just a little update, I am all better after that last scare we had. So glad it didn't end up being something major. I am now in my 23rd week. Baby kicks me pretty much everyday, and they are slowly getting stronger. I have days where I look really pregnant, and days where I wonder where my belly went! I figure it will be here full time though soon.

We had our Anatomy scan last week. Everything looks great! It is for sure a boy, and he is already big in my opinion. He weighed in at 1 pound 4 ounces. Of course those are sometimes way off, so I am not putting too much weight into that. But he has a giant noggin. It always measures over a week ahead of everything else!! Ouch...

We have bought all the majorly big stuff that we will need. We are thinking the rest of the stuff we will get from Shower's. I know it's a bit early to have everything (according to some people) but I feel better knowing we bought it when we had the money. Now we will be saving up for our copay and delivery (which will have to pay 10% of). And saving up for things we can't foresee once the baby is here.

Other then that just going along! I will taking my Gestational Diabetes test next week...I am on the fence about passing. I don't always have the best diet, but my blood sugars in the past have always been okay. Plus I am still on Metformin which should help.

As far as symptoms, I still have a days where I feel sick to my stomach. Heart burn is out of control. I get it no matter what I eat. But luckily it is in control for now with Zantac. Just can't wait until January is here! And I can be worried about a baby that I can actually see with my own two eyes!! :)

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