Monday, September 5, 2011

Not a fun weekend...

This weekend was probably one of the scariest yet. DH had to work, so I was home alone, he went in pretty early. Well I woke up just feeling weird. I had a bowl of cereal which I normally do in the morning, but I felt like I was choking it down, because I felt so sick. I decided to go ahead and lay back down for a little while. Well about an hour later I was running to the bathroom to throw up. That was when I started to notice this pain in my stomach. It was like rock was sitting in there, not moving. At first I just thought well maybe it's some food that is having trouble digesting. So I went to get a glass of water, I took one sip and it came up. And the pain was just getting horribly worse.
I texted DH and told him what was happening, and he said to ask my Dad to take me to ER if I felt I needed to go since he couldn't get home until later in the afternoon. I cried and cried, I didn't want to go there without him. I was terrified of hearing that the baby wasn't okay...but after the pain kept getting worse and I couldn't keep water down but I could tell I was getting dehydrated, I knew I had to do something because dehydration is dangerous for the baby.
So I asked Dad to take me. They go me right up to Labor and Delivery. Hooked me up to the monitors, and started me on some fluids from an IV...and that was THE most painful IV I have ever had in my life. I seriously don't know how I didn't cry out in pain when she put it in. But I knew I needed it. The nurse listened to the baby, took some blood and asked me lots of questions. So far the baby sounded fine. He was kicking and his heart rate sounded healthy and strong. But as the IV was pumping fluid into me, I knew I was going to throw up again. And I did. So they called the on call OB, mine was out of town, and started to think about what could be going on. They gave me some pepcid to see if it could be acid reflux or heart burn, and some antibiotics because at this point they realized my white blood cell count was high, which I guess usually means you have some type of infection going on.
After that it was just waiting. DH finally got there, and I was so glad he was. They brought in an ultrasound specialist to check on my gallbladder because they couldn't think of what else it could be. It checked out fine. So as the day went on, I started to feel a little better. I was able to finally go to the bathroom after having 2 bags of liquid pumped in to me, and then they let me try some water. I was able to keep that down, so they brought me some chicken noodle soup. I tried a few spoonfuls of broth, and noodle and some chicken and it stayed down. So they had us wait for about 30 more minutes just to make sure I could finally keep things down, and then released me with some antibiotics and some Zofran for nausea.
I will tell you it was my most scary experience with getting sick. I am pretty sure it ended up being a stomach bug because after sleeping the majority of the day yesterday I am feeling a lot better. They had me come yesterday for a repeat white blood cell count, so I am guessing since they never called it came back better or normal.
All I can think about is losing this baby though. I cannot get over my fear of losing him...even now. I feel like I can't enjoy the fact that he is on his way because the fear of losing him is overwhelming. I don't want to feel this way, but a lot of time I do. I love being pregnant, I love being able to feel him move around now. But there are just so many things that can happen between now and January, and it's hard to push those thoughts away.
We did finally get the crib, and set it up. I am not finished with the wall, but I will be sure to post pictures when it's done. But whenever I look at it, or arrange the blankets in it for the millionth time, or the stuffed animals, I just keep thinking, what if something happens and I have to come home and see this empty crib? It will be unbearable...
So I am working on it. I am trying to get myself to realize this is happening, that my baby boy is growing inside me and will be here in January. I would appreciate any prayers sent my way though with coping...and for no more scares like we had this weekend!!


  1. Praying that you have no more episodes like this and that you have less anxiety about his arrival. If I were in the same situation I'm sure I'd feel the exact same way. Hugs, prayers, and positive thoughts...

  2. I'm so sorry you had to go through that! Scary! I'm so relieved it turned out okay. Keep us posted.