Tuesday, September 27, 2011

25 Down, 15 to go!

Today marks 25 weeks pregnant! Wohooo! It feels like a big milestone for some reason. Nothing major has been happening though. I failed my 1 hour glucose test, have to take a 2 hour this week. I am praying I pass!!! Let's see, suddenly I hate the taste of red meat, at least when it's on it own. I tried a spare rib, and some ground hamburger tonight and ICK! But that is new!
I have had about 15 peaches in the last couple of weeks, they are SO good because they are in season. I am going to cry when I can't get good tasting ones anymore!
I feel baby kicking pretty much all through out the day now. It's nice. I still do worry though, mostly that he isn't growing like he should, or that something will happen and he will come to early. But I am getting more excited and nervous as time goes on.
My showers are just in a little over a month and I am excited about that too. :) That is about it though! Just wanted to update everyone that was wondering! :)

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