Thursday, November 10, 2011

Under 9 weeks...

I just can't believe how fast time is going! Let's see what is new. I had an appointment last Wednesday. Baby was breech, but growing right on track! I couldn't see what was happening too well but DH said he saw our little guy open up his mouth like he was yawning or something and then fling his hand over his eyes. I wish I had been able to pick that up but I never can see to well when I am the one on the table! I am glad DH saw it though. I know it's hard for guys to experience pregnancy the same way. I know it just becomes real to them when the baby finally gets here. He was weighing in at 3 pounds 5 ounces last week, so I think by the time we go in next week he will be a good 4+ pounds. :)
I had my family/friend shower last week, oh it was SO fun! And those times it's such a good reminder of the wonderful, supportive people I have in my life. They are just so great, and we had SO much fun at the shower. My friend who threw it is just aMAZing!!! She just rocks, and I am so thankful for all her hard work! I have a neighborhood shower this Saturday which should be fun too! Can't wait to see all the ladies from the ward. It should be great!
So lately baby has been having fun flipping from breech to head down. I finally got him to flip last weekend because it was killing me, but this afternoon I felt him flip to breech again. It hurts so bad...he just kicks like a maniac and it doesn't feel good with his feet down there. I would rather be kicked in the ribs honestly. So back to trying different moves to get him to flip to head down again. :P
Well we are getting so close to the finish line! My anxiety about still birth is probably the number one fear I have at this point. I am actually not that "scared" for labor, I trust my Dr and the hospital I am going to. I am more just anxious about the unknown and also about recovery. I am praying so hard it's not too bad, and that by the time DH get's back to work that I can take care of the baby well enough.
Thanks again to all of you who constantly pray for us. I just cannot believe most the time this miracle that we have waited for so long is finally coming to us. I keep thinking about how things will change in just a short amount of time from now. I am SO ready for this journey of having a family, but there is also some sadness that things have to change. DH and I obviously can't be as carefree as we used to. But I will take the changes coming. I know they will be worth it! :)

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