Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Greatest Gift...

So. First off, my appointment was short and kind of disappointing. We didn't get an ultrasound, which I was so sad about! He felt my uterus, said it was measuring great, right under my belly button, and listened to the baby's heart beat and said it was very strong. Then said in a month we will try to find out the gender! So at least I know I will have one then!!!
I have been thinking about my journey with infertility a lot over the past couple of weeks. I can't believe that my journey seems to have ended the way it has. There were so many times I doubted I would ever be pregnant...but yet here I am. I was so sure after my miscarriage last year, that I would have a complicated pregnancy. So far, perfection. But I have to say the greatest gift that infertility gave me, is that everyday I am in awe of this little one growing inside of me. Even though I complain, a little on Facebook, mostly to DH, I realize how lucky I am. I really believe that if I had been able to get pregnant way back when I wanted to, this baby would not mean as much to me or DH as it does. And now I can see God's hand all the way through things that have happened, including my miscarriage.
Anyhow, enough of the heavy! Some things going on right now are cravings that come and go! I wanted Nacho Cheese Doritos so bad...then nope, they sounded disgusting. But of course horrible food always sounds good. Such as McDonald.s french fries...yep. Can't get enough of those. I have been trying hard to squeeze a vegetable or two in a day. But man this baby knows what it wants and has really messed with my taste buds.
I was really hoping to share a picture of the baby, but I want to share something so here is a picture of me at 14 weeks....still don't have a cute baby bump, I am questioning if I ever will thanks to lovely PCOS (blah!). I just look fat Oh well! I will take it!

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