Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a....

Yep that is right, we are expecting a little bundle of joy in BLUE! I am so shocked (as I really thought it was a girl), but SO happy and surprised! I can't wait to meet him (I still have SO long to go!!) and hold him and kiss him. Having a boy will be so much fun!


  1. So awesome! Good to know the sex cuz I go to yard sales every week & there's tons of baby clothes!

  2. Congrats! Little boys are so fun. I too thought we were having a girl first and was surprised with a boy.

  3. How exciting!! I was the opposite of you... I thought it was a boy and it turned out to be a girl! (Supposedly... They are never 100% sure with girls; we’ll see for sure in 9 more weeks.) I was shocked and stunned like it sounds like you were, but so, so excited. But I am over the moon for you and I can't wait to see his cute little face!! :D

    P.S. I would have commented on Saturday (and tried to like a million times), but Blogger wouldn't let me comment on your blog from my home computer. So I've been waiting a long time to say CONGRATS!!! ;)

  4. Time to start making a bunch of fun boy things! That's so awesome. I have had a ton of fun buying and making things for my little man. I thought for sure I was going to have a girl too! But it looks like there was a different plan and I couldn't be more excited! Congrats!!