Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birth Control...here I come...

Yep, have an appointment this friday to get it started. In good news I finally had my first period since the miscarriage, and it was a breeze really. Minus the total PMS that had me screaming at my hubby for a few days (poor guy). I don't know how my Dr is going to feel about us taking an extended break, but we gots to do what is best for us finanically/health/emotional wise. I'm quite worried about taking birth control though, just because one of the side effects I always here of is weight gain. My Dr even mentioned it to me when we were talking about taking a break in the first place.
I have gotten some recommendations from some ladies with PCOS though for which ones are good, and I'm thinking I'm going to opt for Ortho-Trycyclin LO. But we will see what my Dr says. I am just praying for no weight gain.
So, that's what is new with me. I feel like this blog is becoming useless because we aren't really trying anymore. But I know its good for me to be able to let my feelings out, and write.
So wish me luck on this new experience! :)

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  1. Good luck! I've had to take many breaks during my journey, so I understand. In fact, most of my blog postings over the years don't address treatments at all, just my thoughts and feelings.

    I'm following along and with you every step of the way. :)