Monday, November 15, 2010

I cannot compute....

How stupid I can be at times...I mean really?? Its there for you and black and white everywhere and yet you choose to pretend its not true!!!
Case in point:
Sitting here thinking about my meds, and suddenly the light bulb comes on. Uhhh. You haven't taken your prenatals for like a week or more?? Hello?? Moron.
2nd Case in point:
I know PCOS is a hormonal issue. I know that there are DIRECT LINKS between what you eat, how you eat, and how much you exercise. But I like to pretend its not true. Like I am not looking at it so its not there right?
Yeah. I'm a moron. But, I can cut myself a little slack, because hey, I just can. When you are taking as many meds as I am, and having to remember what day it is, and planning your life around Doctor's appointments, there is bound to be a few slip ups. I just wish the 2nd case in point were not happening. It is the one irritating me the most.
I need a good brain scrubbing to get me back on clue how to do that though, and it sounds dangerous. :P

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