Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here it comes...

Christmas. New Year's. Time to think about the last year, and wonder what will be in store for next year. First on the list? A doctor's appointment in the New Year. Which will either result in scheduling a surgery, or switching Dr's. I'm hoping 2010 brings some good things to our lives though.
I am hoping for a change in finances somehow. I am hoping for maybe a positive pregnancy test sometime in the next year. I am hoping for our own home somehow. I am hoping for wonderful happy times with my husband. I am hoping for a few fun vacations, maybe a special one out to California (hopefully with hubby). I am hoping for unexpected surprises that are sure to come.
One of the biggest hopes though is to qualify for Pell Grants so we can both go back to school. But mostly Hubby getting to school for sure by summer semester.
Life can be good. Life can be hard. I just have to survive and do the best I can. Right now my motto is "One day at a time." So far, its been hard to have that mentality. But I think with all that is in store for us next year, I will need to have that outlook.

Merry Christmas. :)

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